Beth Gallagher

Quilt Artist/Owner

Beth’s presence is evident in every quilt she makes, as each one tells a story and carries with it the collective  unconscious of our ancestors. Her quilts are a combination of her ties to tradition, family, and nature. Each one emanates her love. She lights up when she is quilting. Every little detail is a pleasure to Beth. For her, quilting is a way to feel quieted and soothed.

She has a strong sense of history and tradition. Beth likes using fabrics from well-worn clothes and long-used draperies. Her cabin is decorated with items that are decades, some centuries, old. She found and worked on repairing two of her great grandmother’s quilts which she cherishes.

She loves the fact that quilts live on through generations, whether placed on a wall for decoration, used to warm someone in bed or cover their feet while they read, or tucked away in an attic to be discovered in years to come. 

Beth loves working with her hands, inside or outside: digging in the dirt to plant her garden, doing very fine needlework, creating fabric art designs, or camping with her nieces. She is deeply connected to nature. Deer are frequent visitors to her home in the woods. Bears eat her blueberries. She has coffee with hummingbirds. Beavers have made a home in the stream near her house. She feels a kinship with the earth and finds quilting a way to express and deepen her connection.